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Calicut , the Jewel of Malabar coast, has a rich and unique Masonic legacy. With the arrival of the Europeans, freemasonry too made it's presence felt in the Indian sub continent. Lodge Southern Cross was consecrated under the Scottish Constitution in 1875 in Calicut   near  Captain's Tank where the present St.Joseph's School is located. This Lodge was subsequently shifted to Oorgaum in 1896 and is still very much active and ticking under the Indian Constitution.  Eleven years later in 1886, Kerala Lodge No.2188 was consecrated in Calicut under the English Constitution.

It took another 93 years for Lodge Calicut No.237 to come into existence, sponsored by Lodge Cannanore No.234 and with the united efforts of brethren of Lodge Palghat No.159 and Kerala Lodge No.2188(EC). And the brethren of Lodge Calicut No.237 remember with gratitude the services rendered by the brethren of Kerala Lodge No.2188 during the formative period.

Lodge Calicut No.237, a trendsetter since its very inception,was constituted and consecrated  by the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of India, the M.W.Bro.Honourable Justice Dinshah Pirosha Madon, OSM on January 1, 1979 as per the duly issued Warrant dated 23.11.1978. The petitioners to the Warrant were .........

W.Bro.P.PadmanabhanNair, W.Bro.Dr.V.K.Balraj. W.Bro.Dr.K.K.Varma, Bro.JusticeE.K.Moidu, Bro.M.Jayaraj, Bro.P.Balakrishnan, W.Bro.K.BalakrishnanNair, Bro.P.HarisankarPockyarath, Bro.Dr.K.V.Venugopal, W.Bro.Dr.T.Gopinath, Bro.Dr.N.Mohandas, Bro.K.M.Mohammedkutty, Bro.Dr.M.G.Sahadevan, Bro.S.R.Pai, Bro.K.K.SreedharanNambiar, Bro.K.Haridas, W.Bro.JusticeP.GovindaMenon, W.Bro.K.T. Joseph, Bro.Abdul Jifri, Bro.Ignatius Mooken.

W.Bro.P.Padmanabhan Nair was installed as the Founder Master. The M.W.Bro.Honourable Justice.Dinshah Pirosha Madon OSM orchestrated the Consecration ceremony ably assisted by the Masonic luminaries of the period, R.W.Bro.A.S.Rajasabai, R.W.Bro. A.S.Kandaswamy Mudaliar, V.W.Bro.K.S.Menon, R.W.Bro.R.Krishnaswamy, W.Bro.T.K.Doraiswamy, V.W.Bro.M.K.Sridharan, V.W.Bro.Commander.V.S.P.Mudaliar, W.Bro.Dr.S.S.Pillai, W.Bro.M.N.Siganpona, W.Bro.S.Sarangapani, W.Bro.T. JanardhananNair, W.Bro.Dr.S.Srinivasan and W.Bro.Colonel. R. Ranganathan .......................




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